Zinc Strips

Howdy all,
First let me say that it’s a pleasure to read ALL of the comments on this board. Info needed, Info imparted. Is this a great country or what.
Now then, I am about to decide on which licensed, bonded ROOFING
contractor to install a roof over my 17 YO 3 tab. I live in Ore. where the Columbia R. is flowing back N.
I am contemplating 30 Yr lam. comp. w/ algae resist… My question concerns the use of Zinc strips at peak & below all vents. This has not been discussed w/ any contractors yet.
Do I need to put Zinc on the roof? Approx cost? (76’ ridge)
Thanks for your replies.


I would not cover a roof with algea growing on it.

The Algea resistant shingles are for 10 years at the most. Zinc strips will work for the duration of the shingles.

i personally have never heard anyone say anything good or bad about zinc strips. so i dont know if they work or not.

Do you have algae on your roof now?

Any sacrificial metal will serve this purpose, and zinc is about the cheapest and most effective.

Works with aluminum too. These are across the street from my house.



I think I,m pretty much sold on Zinc Shield, looks like a price of
$100.00 plus shipping for 150’ of 3.5" roll. Now I have to reconsider the Algae Rest. shingles & Hip & Ridge. My present roof may have just a slight case of algae. The shingle maker says to use algae rest. shingles plus the zinc.
Shingles= additional $265. $265 devided by 10 years (life of Algae Restistance) equals $26.50 per year. Not a bad price if they work & keep an old codger off the roof.
I appreciate your comments, Thanks


here is a place to buy the zinc strips. if you are pretty handy you could do it or pass this along to your roofer. if ther is an abc supply nearby they probably have them in stock.

abccatalog.com/store/viewitem.as … 2913807030

hello dogrobber,
moisture and mildew and algee are so heavy were im at, zinc strips dont do any good. but if they work were your at them use em.
just dont install them poorly, and end up, makin your roof leak.

make sure you have a good roofer…
good luck.


ps. Aaronb does make a good case with his pics though.
cant argue with him on this one.

eya later.