Zip codes for sale

I had company call me and say the sell zip codes they cost 300 per zip codes and you have to but at least 10 zip codes but they will give you all the leads from that zip code has anyone ever heard of this


What leads and how? How do they obtain a roof or construction lead from a zipcode? What is htere marketing strategy? They may be telling people that you will give them a free consultation on thier roof.

What kind of guarantee do you get that you are the ONLY co. they provide leads to?

Where do they generate their leads from?

How much per lead (I HATE paying co’s like ServiceMagic, etc. for leads… paying $ 25.00 or more to someone that might only be a price shopper vs. quality).

Stay away - run don’t do!!! I am speaking from experience.
Ways to grow your business - your state, regional & national roofing associations give you a lot of that info for free.
Roofing magazines - lots of hints
Guess what - your reps want you to have higher sales, that is how they make their money, they also can help you generate more work.
Good Luck - think before you spend your hard earned dollars -

If you want your business to grow you need to be a good salesman.
If you are not a good salesman you need to hire one.

After that you need to produce the quality of work the salesman sells.
If you know your business and you do quality work you will do well.
This is not going to happen overnight…

This business is based on service, not a product.
The product is your service.
Mass mailing will not work.
This is not a $19.99 widget you are selling here.

This is a service that provides long term protection for a persons single biggest investment.
It involves trust and faith.
Can you sell that?
Can you provide that?
Start from there.